Our Services

Our services include:

  • Providing legal advice regarding visas or permanent residence applications during a consultation and determining the best possible path to achieve desired goals in Canada
  • Providing a personalized document checklist in English and/or Japanese
  • Preparing application forms and submission letters
  • Reviewing supporting documents that are provided by clients
  • Conducting a final review and submitting application to the appropriate processing centre via courier (mail) or online
  • Communicating with IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) on your behalf after submission
  • Providing immediate assistance to clients for IRCC’s special requests

Case Types

Visitor Record

A visitor visa is required if you are a citizen of one of the visa required countries and would like to travel to Canada. You need to first file an application to a Canadian visa office outside Canada prior to visiting. If you are a citizen of one of the visa exempt countries, you simply need to obtain an eTA before boarding. Filing a visa application is not required.

Study Permit

You need to obtain a Study Permit if you wish to study at a Canadian educational institution. If the program involves co-op, you also need to make sure that the program you choose would qualify.

Work Permit

There are several different types of Work Permits in Canada. Depending on the employment arrangement, occupation, circumstances, etc., you may be eligible for one of them. There are occupations that do not require Work Permits, too.

Family Sponsorship

Are you a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who wishes to sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, dependent children and parents/grandparents for their permanent residence status in Canada? If so, having a “solid plan” is the key to success in these applications.

Express Entry

Express Entry is an immigration process where individuals will first submit their accurate profile and enter themselves into a pool. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada conducts draws and sends out invitations to apply for permanent residence to those who exceed specified Express Entry scores.

Provincial Nominee Programs

In addition to the Federal and Quebec immigration programs, Canada has agreements with provinces and territories to allow them to select permanent resident candidates based on their needs. The programs vary from province to province.

PR Card

If you are a permanent resident in Canada and wish to travel outside, you must hold a valid PR card. We provide services for renewal and reissuance (including lost or stolen, incorrect information on the card, etc.).


You may be eligible to apply for citizenship, or you may already be a Canadian citizen. It is best to first discover your status in Canada.

Other Services

We provide various other services such as: renouncing of PR status, humanitarian and compassionate, certain types of Labour Market Impact Assessments, temporary resident permit applications, etc.

“Aya was at all times the only person who truly believed in my case since the very start and put all her efforts, with a strong sense of urgency, to get all my paperwork together for permanent residency in a very short time.”

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